Cordoba 30T-CE



The Cordoba 30 Series is the result of a collaboration between Cordoba and Classical legend Pepe Romero Jr. The 30 Series features many design feature inspired by Spanish guitar construction. The neck joint, for example, has an integrated "Spanish Heel" as opposed to the dovetail joint used in traditional ukulele design. This adds resonance, stability and strength the these beautiful tenor ukuleles, as well as making them lighter.

Their wider fingerboards make them easy to play, with a comfortable profile that will be familiar to experienced ukulele players and guitarists adopting the ukulele as well. Other features include a black TUSQ® nut and saddle, chrome Grover tuners, and a Cordoba polyfoam case. The CE models feature a cutaway and L R Baggs Five 0 pickup.

The Cordoba 30 Series consists of 8 models, the all-mahogany 30T and 30T-CE, the solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides 32T and 32T-CE, the all-acacia 35T and 35T-CE and the solid spruce top/acacia back and sides 35TS and 35TS-CE models.

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