Sonor Gavin Harrison Protean 12x5 Snare Drum



In late 2011, SONOR and Gavin began working on the “Protean” project with the goal to create a snare drum that is as musically versatile as Gavin himself. The name “Protean” comes from Greek mythology meaning “versatile” and “diverse”. Gavin wanted this snare drum to be a daily workhorse instrument that can be quickly altered to suit the musical situation.


  • Shell hardware finish: chrome plated
  • Item name: Snare Drum
  • Series: Signature
  • Shell material: Birch
  • Shell construction: Medium
  • Lugs configuration: TuneSafe
  • Snare strainer: Dual Glide System
  • Item description: SSD 13 12x5 GH Premium Edition
  • Snare wire wires: 1 x SW 1208 S "Straight 8", 8 stainless steel wires centrally positioned - pre-Assembled; 1 x SW 1208 MS "Spacer", 8 brass wires in unique spacing and 1 x SW 1208 B "EQ", 8 Bronze wires off center - stored in a exclusive wooden box
  • Item no.: 11177201
  • Unit: 1 piece; includes: 1 x Protean 12" snare drum; 3 x dampening ring (Light, Medium, Heavy); 2 x Protean tuning key; 1 x Snare wire wooden box; 1 x Protean case by Hardcase
  • Shell plies: 6 plies
  • Shell finish outside: Semi Gloss Black Lacquer 13118
  • Shell size: 12" x 5"
  • Shell thickness: 6 mm
  • Batter head: REMO USA CS Controlled Sound, white coated, black dot on bottom, single ply
  • Resonance head: REMO Ambassador Resonance, smooth clear, single ply
  • Hoop: Hybrid Hoops: S-Hoop on top, special 2.3 mm Power Hoop with cutaway on bottom
  • Tension rods: 16 square head screws
  • Bearing edge: Hybrid Bearing Edges: Vintage round on top, modern 45 degree on bottom

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