Vox AC4C1-12 Custom, White Bronco



Originally introduced into the Vox lineup in 1961, the AC4 became popular for it's small size and low output, perfect for recording. Despite it's small stature, the AC4 retained the classic Vox chime-like clean tone of it's larger relatives, AC15 and AC30. 

Featuring a 12' Celestion VX10 speaker, the Vox AC4C1-12 Custom 4W 1x12 Combo has the legendary AC30 Top Boost circuit, bass and treble controls and a master volume. Finished in white bronco vinyl wrap, classic Vox grill cloth, gold trim and bakelite handle, the AC4C1-12 aesthetic harks back the original 1961 AC4. On the back panel there is also the option to connect another 16ohm speaker to really get the most out of this fantastic all-tube combo. 



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