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Marshall Studio JTM Head & 2x12 Cab ST20H + ST212

Marshall Studio JTM Head & 2x12 Cab ST20H + ST212

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Now smaller but every bit as mighty! The Marshall Studio JTM features the famous vintage sound but this time it's been designed with the smaller stage in mind. From studios to bedrooms this new range from Marshall reproduces those legendary warm and smooth tones that made the original JTM so popular for so many guitarists. 


  • Reproduces the warm and smooth tone of the original 30W head.

  • Built-in power reduction technology, letting yous witch effortlessly between 20W and 5W.

  • Built with Celestion Creamback speakers.

  • Hand built in the UK factory.

  • Smaller and lighter that its 30W counterpart.

  • Two ECC83 preamp valves, two 5881 power amp valves and one ECC83 phase splitter.

  • High and low sensitivity inputs to suit different guitars.

  • Blend High Treble and Normal tones with a patch


  • Switchable FX loop for adding your own pedals and effects.

  • Emulated DI out for connecting to a mixing desk.

  • Period-correctaesthetics,includingthelegendary

    “coffin” logo, smooth levant covering and fawn fret.


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